Offering Speed and Flexibility, our Sales Automation Tools both Increase Call Volume and Improve Call Quality.

Click to Dial / WebDialer

No more dialing. Click to Dial allows users to make calls by simply clicking on the phone numbers listed in your contacts. The 1-Click WebDialer highlights phone numbers on web pages for easy 1-Click dial access.

Click to Voicemail

Click to Voicemail allows users to leave voicemails with the touch of a button. Once the “Leave VM” button is pressed, the system automatically leaves the voicemail, freeing up users to move on to the next call. Create multiple voicemail templates to fit almost any scenario and drastically increase the efficiency of your employees.

Click to Email

Click to Email allows users to send emails with the touch of a button, eliminating this repetitive and time consuming function from your employee’s daily routine. Create multiple email templates to fit almost any scenario. Merge field capability further automates the process by filling in customer information automatically, for example “Dear [contact name]”.

Sleek, Intuitive and Feature Rich… Our CRM not only catalogues your data, it intelligently organizes it and guides you to the most relevant (and profitable) contact information.

Intuitive CRM

Our CRM is streamlined for ease of use and high efficiency. Access and keep track of a large customer database. All usage activity, such as call logs and voicemails sent, are meticulously recorded for customer management (for sales professionals) and employee tracking (for managers).

Deep Notation System

Users are able to take meticulous notes on every customer interaction. Notes are easily accessible and assure that users are well prepared to handle any and all customer needs.

Task Manager

Our Task Manager lets users create reminders for upcoming events. A separate To Do Task section allows easy viewing of all pending tasks. Also, an alert system notifies users of expiring tasks from both inside the console and (optionally) through email. Color coded reminders are integrated into the main contact/lead pages, signifying if a task is days away or weeks away.

Cloud Based and 100% Remote

Capitalizing on the latest innovations in Cloud Technology and accessible from your web browser, SalesPositive can be accessed with full functionality from anywhere in the world. This makes us perfect for companies who have remote employees, employees with heavy travel schedules, or employees who need to continue working after hours or during weekends when the office is closed. Start working in the office and finish working at home!

Custom Caller ID

Set the outgoing caller ID to whatever number you prefer (*certain restrictions apply). This allows users to route calls to a preferred location. Examples include: users who are calling from HQ and prefer their calls to show their direct lines or: users who are working from home and prefer to show the HQ number as their Caller ID.

Our Manager’s Toolbox is the best way to get the most out of your employees.

Live Reporting & Statistics

Monitor your employees in real time and see if they are idle or active on the system. Usage statistics all you to analyze employee activity and performance. Easily review a single employee’s reports or compare a group of employees to identify top performers or determine areas where improvement is necessary.

Call Recording

Keep detailed call records of all your employees’ conversations. This is the ultimate tool for employee monitoring and training. Also, our accurate recordings can be a great protection from customer liability issues. Manager’s can download and permanently store any recordings as mp3 files.

Call Barge & Monitoring

Call barging enables you to drop in on live calls to speak with both the caller and the agent; or silently monitor agent performance. Call monitoring and call barging can help managers assess and quantify problems with call flow. When an issue occurs, they can intervene and steer the conversation back on track.

Dashboard & Revenue Tracking

The administrator / manager dashboard allows you to track sales, conversions and KPI’s. Customizable fields let you see statistics specific to your company’s workflow.

Powerful Automation and CRM tools make SalesPositive the perfect platform for any Call Center or Sales Organization.

Incoming Call Database Lookup

Our CRM will match the caller ID of the incoming call to the corresponding lead in the database and give an agent instant access to customer information. The system will also automatically create new leads with non-matching caller ID information.

Billing and Customer Service

Spend a lot of time on billing or making reminder calls to customers? All the features that help with sales calls can be applied to non sales related calls. Our call automation features and well organized CRM allow users to complete any call related tasks quickly and at the highest quality level.

Reduce Call Time for Non-Phone based employees

Employees whose primary duties are not phone based can sometimes lose valuable work time due to heavy phone usage. Our automation software allows these employees to reduce time on the phone and to focus on their primary responsibilities.

No contracts… No setup costs… No installation headaches!

No Contract

We know once you try us, you will stay for a while. So we have no reason to try to lock you in. No contracts, no risk, start today.

No Setup Costs

We are so sure that our customers will love and (once they see increases to productivity and revenue) stay with us for years to come. To help them get started we have no setup costs.

No Phones or Land Lines Required

Our software is a cloud based system that is operated from your web browser and the calls are made through the software using Voice Over IP. We do not have any interaction with your existing phone system; in fact you don’t even need a phone to use us.

No disruption to existing IT systems

Since we are a cloud based system, we do not have to make changes to your current IT system. We can even import the database from your existing CRM or call list, so there is never any downtime.